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August Aquatics

Have you spent more time on the water than on land this summer? You’re not the only one! Join the Russell Lands On Lake Martin Naturalist at Russell Crossroads for an informative exhibit featuring wet wildlife! August is all about the aquatic species that call Lake Martin home. Naturalist Marianne will be in her Cabin, during Friday On The Green, interpreting and teaching from a display of denizens of the deep. Multiple soggy species will make a splash as they demonstrate the features that make them more at home in the water than out. Come to the Cabin at your leisure to get a lesson on the spot about the critters on exhibit. Display includes live animals and is appropriate for all ages

If you have questions for Marianne, she can be contacted at 256.496.2710 or


Naturalist Cabin

Russell Farms Road

Alexander City, AL 35010

Earlier Event: August 10
Friday on the Green - Kurt & Britt